Why Us?
Why Us?

Hemingway Hotels and Resorts will defy duplication by being distinct in the most significant ways.


The name Hemingway instantly conjures images of adventure, travel, ruggedness and a richness in living that is recognized throughout the world.

Our Team
Our Team

The Hemingway management team brings over 100 years of experience to the brand. Find out more about your new partners.

Here’s what’s Novel about Hemingway Hotels
Hemingway Hotels and Resorts will be distinct in significant ways:

• Only properties or locations will be considered where the hotel or resort can provide an opportunity for an unparalleled guest experience.

The architecture will genuinely express the spirit of the hotel’s location and often reference the places where Hemingway lived and wrote.

In homage to Hemingway’s passion for great food, the restaurants will serve both authentic cuisine that reflects the local culture of the hotel, and Hemingway’s favorite dishes from Paris, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere.

The bars will be planned and managed
to be the best anywhere, serving as the ultimate gathering places to enjoy Hemingway’s favorite libations and the camaraderie of friends.

• Enlightening activities affording a fuller life will be offered day and night; everything from adventurous sports in the great outdoors to cultural events like book readings and tours.

• Each hotel will have a well-stocked, comfortably furnished library, inviting guests to delve into classics by Hemingway or other authors, or the most relevant topics through books, periodicals and online searches.

• The staff will follow a strict code of conduct like the heroes in Hemingway’s fiction, always professional, interactive with guests but mindful of privacy, and guided by a strong moral compass.

• The essence of Hemingway will be celebrated—a passion for life, intellectual curiosity, unwavering integrity and respect for the natural world.

An Inspired Hotseptael
Ernest Hemingway was drawn to the most inspiring destinations on this earth - from romantic Venice to carefree Key West. Which is why Hemingway Hotels and Resorts are found only in destinations of legendary reputation. However, location alone does not make a Hemingway property. To qualify as a hotel or resort worthy of this iconic brand, a property must be true to its environment, unique in its architecture, and committed to providing its guests with one-of-a-kind experiences that deeply enrich their lives.
Criteria for a Hemingway Hotel

• In order to bear the Hemingway name, a property must be located in a market that has a relationship with the great author and his literature or the lifestyle and opportunity for adventure that those locales suggest.

• Our properties must have a drop off area/porte cochere, lobby/ arrival area, bar, restaurant and spa treatment rooms and meet international four star standards at a minimum for quality in terms of both construction and amenities.

• Guest rooms must also meet these four star criteria and in most cases we will seek to offer a mix of oversized guest rooms and suites

• Size of back of house areas and parking criteria are determined by hotel size and complexity.

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• New sites will be designed in conjunction with our approved architects. Existingsites will be subject to construction.

• Technology, furniture, fixtures and
equipment will be developed in
accordance to our quality standards as
are operating supplies and equipment.

• Upon engagement with Hemingway
Hotels and Resorts, prospective
developers will be provided with more
detailed specifications of the above as
part of the development documents
provided. Much of this will also be
dictated by each site so in most cases
the specific criteria and specifications
will be developed on a bespoke basis
for each project.


The Hemingway Lifestyle

txt pic 3Ernest Hemingway’s greatest pleasure in life was the crafting ofthe “one perfect sentence.” He would then “refill the well” byspending the rest of the day as a “man of action.” Hemingway wasthe ultimate sportsman. He loved deep-sea fishing, hunting, nature and the active physical life. But he was also just as at home at day’s endwith friends, enjoying the perfect martini in Paris, daiquiri in Havanaor a Bellini in Venice, along with fine cuisine. Hemingway was alwaysseeking the essence and fullness of each of life’s experiences, aboutwhich he would then write so beautifully. It is these experiences and lifestyle that Hemingway Hotels will deliver to our guests.






Thanks for interest in Hemingway Hotels & Resort. For additional information please email us at: inquiries@hemingwayhotels.com

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“Courage is grace under pressure.” -Ernest Hemingway